With new ownership since June of 2014, HVI is adapting to meet the ever changing requirements of our industry.  With the relationships we have built with new and existing vendors, we were able to make the adjustments necessary.  With the introduction of the "Regular Stock" program (located on the Products page), the future of HVI looks bright and limitless. As a team we decided to update the entire image of HVI. From the WIS-CON & Harvest Valley logos/labels (located at the top right of this section), to the company's logo, and the very website you're visiting.  HVI is looking more like the organized & professional company that it is and always has been.

     HVI now mainly handles round product with great dating at a fair price.  This opens the door for a variety of new customers for the company, including more retailers, grocery stores, and food service suppliers.  With the ever changing requests and regulations in the industry, HVI is constantly adapting to meet our customers requirements.

     The attention that we are giving to inventory & quality control has allowed us to expand our services of contract labeling to a new level.  Since June of 2014 our dedicated team has more than doubled its daily production capabilities.  This has allowed a quicker turnaround time for products being labeled for ourselves and our valued customers.


      Since June 2014

About HVI

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Wholesale Food

      Nestled in west central Wisconsin among the rolling hills and farmers fields is a small college town called Menomonie. Within it's booming industrial park sits a 25,000 sq ft warehouse. This is the home of Hidden Valley Industries (HVI) a growing food wholesale business.

     Since 1980 HVI has  provided high quality low cost food products to Food Banks, Correctional Facilities, Grocery Stores, and Mom & Pop Shops. We specialize in retail and foodservice vegetables, fruits, puddings, cheese sauces, cereals and more. This allows us to supply to a diverse customer base throughout the United States.  

     We are strategically located in the midst of many mid western vegetable canneries, cheese makers, and other food producers which are all key suppliers for the company. Our close proximity to large markets such as Minneapolis, St. Paul, Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago allow our relationships with other wholesalers to grow on a daily bases. HVI also supplies numerous customers on both the east and west coast.

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"Supplying Quality Canned Goods for Over 30 Years"